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16 Jan 2013  

Desk: Win 7 SP1 HP 64BIT & Lap:Win 8.1 Pro 64BIT
PC freezes during browsing using Mozilla firefox

I upgraded my graphics card from GT 240 1GB GDDR5 to HD 7750 1GB GDDR5 in November 2012.But I am noticing a strange issue recently but have no idea whether the card has something to do with it.

The problem occurs very rarely though it is annoying. During browsing using Mozilla Firefox, the Firefox freezes, then whole system freezes and returns to normal within seconds with a single beep sound from speakers/headphones. I have tried "turning off hardware acceleration" but still it occurs without that.
There are no issues other this.Only freezes and returns to normal within seconds.

The driver version :Catalyst 12.8
{I have tried Catalyst 12.10 and even Beta version 12.11 but the problem exists in all drivers. But catalyst 12.8 seems to be stable with games and uses very low power while playing HD videos in my own benchmark. So I am using 12.8.}

Mozilla Firefox version : 18.0
{The same issue was present in previous Firefox versions (17 series) and I haven't tried versions older than that due to security risk}

Can anyone tell what the problem might be?
Besides graphics card is stable and fur mark test run successfully with 65-70 degree C temp as highest.
My System SpecsSystem Spec