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16 Jan 2013  
blue skies

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

I have been searching for more information about SSD/HDD, and came across the advice quoted below to

1. Move the Windows paging file to the HDD
3. Move the Windows restore points off the SSD.

Would either of these be useful and perhaps give me a little extra space for at least a few main programs? I am thinking my email program will be way too big, and Firefox itself might fit, but if I stream a movie or something would it automatically be temporarily saving all that data to the SSD also?

Programs and files on SSD vs HDD for max performance... - config-customize - windows-7
First thing you always want to do if you have your boot disk as SSD and second internal HDD get the Windows paging file off of the SSD. Reasons are that SSDs are expensive, the page file takes up some space but that is neglegeable, the paging file is constantly changing and parts are over written which is bad for an SSD because SSD has shorter life time of rewrites then HDD so the page file is needlessly eating away at parts of your precious SSD.

To do this click start>right click computer>properties>on left side tab click "advanced system settings" you need administrative rights>Performance>go to advanced tab>under virtual memory select "change">uncheck "Automatically manage" at top>now all your partitions should be listed, in this order select a partition on your HDD. Easiest to select system managed because if you don't know what your doing you can degrade windows performance>Now select you SSD partition and pick none.
Remember you did this because later if you want to format and repartition that drive it won't let you until you go back in and re/move page file to a new partition. Forgetting and having to figure out errors causes headaches and I speak from personal experience.

It opens page file up to fragmentation. I just make partition only for page file and if fragmentation is a problem, ill just reformat the partition. No harm done to anything else. If you choose to make partition for page file make it atleast the size of your ram, 1.5 x ram is better go no bigger than 2 x ram or your wasting space, especially if you have a lot of ram and windows doesn't do much paging...

Third is to check for Windows restore points because they can take up lots of space, move them off of your SSD or delete them/disable new ones from being made if you don't need them. I only keep until a little after a windows update or installing new drivers until I am pretty sure everything is running fine, and I typically only keep one. My preference though! I make my own drive images and backup. Google for a tutorial dealing with those restore points, there are tons.
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