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17 Jan 2013  

Win7 Pro 32bit; Zorin OS 9 Core (in VM)

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I know some people have been using a program called "Classic Shell" with Windows 8, in order to gain back the conventional Start Menu, but would you want to install a third-party program for a Start Menu?
Yes. Whatever it takes to get back functionality. I did it when I tried the Consumer Preview in the summer. Without Classic Shell, 8 was simply a massive headache. Still not thrilled with 8, so I deleted it and bought Win 7 Pro 32 bit)

A friend of mine ordered a new Asus desktop, and was genuinely worried that it might be delivered with Windows 8. When he saw it had Windows 7 Home 64 bit, he and I both breathed a huge sigh of relief. If it had 8 he planned on shipping it right back to the Egg that same day. (And yes, I helped him install Classic Shell on it. Exactly what he wanted)
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