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18 Jan 2013  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1
RAM: 16 or 32 GB?

Hi guys.
I'm in the middle of a re-build and wondering if I should reinstall all my RAM or just half of it.
With all slots in use, I can OC my RAM to 1866 but have to loosen timings (10,11,10,27) for mobo to see all 32GB. I've been told that this is due to additional stress on CPU's mem controller which is supposedly not great on AMD chips which have an on die controller.

On the other hand, when I installed only 16GB I was also able to OC RAM to 1866 but with much tighter timings (8,9,8,24).

I've also hit the 21GB bandwidth brick-wall which seems to be the limit for AMD FX processors.

How much RAM do I really need to have everything run smooth? Mainly games, some photo and video editing (Adobe CS6), some graphic design (Adobe and Corel), some MS Office work, browsing, emailing, etc.

I like to use a RAMDisk to keep writes of my SSDs, for internet cache, windows TEMP and TMP, but the software I use (Primo RAMdisk) dynamically allocates memory used by the RAMDisk. So if I set up a 4GB RAMDisk, only the portion being used is substracted from RAM, not the full 4GB. Usage is never above 1GB or so.

So should I keep all 32GB or go for 16GB with lower latencies?

Your advice would be very much appreciated.


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