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19 Jan 2013  

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Problem with eSATA powered USB

Hello. i have AsRock M3A770DE motherboard
it has 6 USB ports at back, 2 of them being eSATA powered.
i bought 3tb external hdd for fraps recordings, it is USB3.0, but this motherboard has no USB3.0 so i thought i will plug it into eSATA powered USB, but it's not showing up!

> YES HDD works fine using any other USB2.0 port
> YES eSATA USB ports work fine when i plug mouse, keyboard ..etc into it
> I have checked BIOS that its not in RAID mode and it isn't
> i checked asrock site for possible drivers, found nothing. well i found xFast USB which speeds up USB2.0 ports a little, but still not enought, it gets my fraps recording down to like 20-25fps and its not playable, while recording to internal hdd i get easy 30fps.

i can't think of anything else. can anyone help please?
please do not suggest me to take apart that 3tb and use as internal or to record on internal, i bought external for a reason, it has to remain external and i have NO room on any internal HDDs to record hundreds of GBs of videos.
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