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19 Jan 2013  

Win 7 x86
NVIDIA HDMI audio not working Win 7. Worked on Ubuntu

Athlon 64 3400+
Geforce gt210 PCIE
2gb RAM

I had Ubuntu 12.04 installed on this machine as an XBMC HTPC using the HDMI video and audio with the Geforce 210 until yesterday. I had a Win 7 license to use so I planned to rebuild the machine to do the same tasks with Win 7 then I could use Hulu and Netflix also.

Both the audio and video over HDMI had been working for several months on Ubuntu but I just cannot get the audio to work with Win 7. Video is working fine over HDMI. The 210 has onboard audio processing so I do not need any other cables. I am fairly technical and just cannot see why it will not work.

I have the latest Nvidia driver 310.90 for that card installed. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver several times. You can see in the images of the device manager that it sees my onboard Realtek sound card (which I have tried disabling in BIOS with no luck on HDMI audio) and the Geforce 210. There are no devices with warnings like it is missing drivers for the HDMI audio. All Windows updates are installed.

The Nvidia control panel detects my Samsung TV but when I open the audio properties I only see the Realtek device or nothing if I have the onboard audio disabled in BIOS.

There were no hardware changes at all. I literally just installed Win 7 over Ubuntu and now HDMI audio does not work. I thought Win 7 would be easier to setup than Ubuntu :P

Screenshots on Imgur
HDMI not working - Imgur
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