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19 Jan 2013  

multiple computers and different OS'

setting BIOS from IDE to AHCI was only one part of problem, as i said once i did that, i instantly got BSOD! without any error code, just general bla bla that remove any newly installed hard drives.

this is where i had to regedit and disable that AHCI thing so it won't start with windows.
I didn't find anything in google at first, because my problem was not just eSATA, mine is actual USB port that is eSATA powered, but as far as win7 goes, win7 still sees it as eSATA/SATA.

I got another problem/question, i don't see any incredible speed boost at all, any ideas?
it used to be like 35mb/s, now it is barely like 40-44mb/s
im sure HDD supports more than that, i mean cmon .. that's SLOW.
i think now problem is that windows doesn't know it is USB3 device and treats it as USB2 ... any way to change this?
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