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20 Jan 2013  
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Signs of desperation maybe? I was in WalMart yesterday....... needed a can of air.In the computer section was a Guy from Microsoft (according to him), clipboard and everything. Wanting to know my opinions on Win8, if I had tried it etc. After I told him my thoughts on the matter he (1).... Told me I was the first person he had talked to who didn't like it (!!!), ....said/implied I was too old to understand win8 (!!!!!!),..... told me I was " Oh...... just a desktop guy" ,sure wish he could have seen my spec.'s here!. Nice enough person if a little condescending. When I tried explaining the reasons for my dislike, he showed me how to swipe a tile........... "how easy it is......".
They're probably just part of Microsoft's marketing team, and don't have a good understanding of computers, and why many people do not want to switch over to Windows 8.
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