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20 Jan 2013  

Windows 7 Pro x64

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W8 though is a different animal entirely --it has to handle things like smart phones and tablets which rely heavily on touch screens and don't need windowed apps or multi - monitors so Ms was in a bit of a hardplace here -- press on with a load of different OS'es or try and make a common interface so a user would have roughly the same experience whether they are using a phone, a tablet or a computer --and in fact the W8 interface isn't a lot different from Android either so anybody using Windows for the FIRST TIME who has also used any sort of smart phone would be quite familiar with the interface.

Well, maybe that's the big problem - microsoft is trying to mix too many things in one os, and they just cant do perfect os for tablets, phones and desktop computers in time, so they focused more on touchscreen devices - it's like vista and 7, vista is sluggish and slow even on todays computers, and 7 is fast, responsive, and improved overall. Just try to mix every food product from your fridge and try it So, next windows version will show, if microsoft is trying to do a great all in one os, or they are just trying to shut down their bussiness I'm not sure, if sacrificing their desktop/laptop market's monopoly for mobile devices market is worth it. I mean, they should just wait, "mobile" devices are getting biger every year, so after few years mobile phones will just transform into laptops.
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