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21 Jan 2013  

Linux CENTOS 7 / various Windows OS'es and servers

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I always love it when Microsoft advertise Windows 8 on television, and everyone seems to be so happy to have a Windows 8 OS, when in reality everyone is installing a Start Menu program or installing Windows 7.
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Well you ARE on the W7 Forum so I' would expect this type of reaction to be fairly typical from W7 users.

On the W8 Forum reactions are a bit different both positive and negative - but most of the negatives are from people who previously used W7. New Windows users don't seem to mind W8 at all.

Actually the new GUI makes a LOT of sense on mobile devices / tablets especially with touch screens -- but for classical desktop applications then it's a bit different.

However I'm sure even the most BIASED W7 user has to agree that touch is pretty terrible in W7 and as for those horrible W7 based windows phones - well even those old handsets look like they came from another long bygone era -- people would almost OFFER to GIVE you a new handset if they saw you with one of those decidedly uncool "clunkers".

The new W8 phones are very good indeed and getting a lot of positive reviews, the W8 tablets are fine too - and people can't wait to see what the new Ms Surface pro will do when it finally appears --by all accounts should be an Ipad killer.

I have to admit I hated the W8 interface at first but on a small light thin ultra book type of laptop with a touch screen it makes a lot of sense.

I don't have too much trouble getting into the desktop --difficulties are grossly exaggerated.

I don't like it though at work (fortunately we are still going from XP ==> W7 so no danger of W8 at work) where there are quite complicated applications with a load of sub options where both a classical desktop menu is needed and also I use the command line a lot to get into servers etc.

So don't write off W8 just yet --you might be surprised -- Ms though will have to address the desktop issue at some point for corporate / work users or they will eventually lose that very lucrative market.

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