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21 Jan 2013  

Windows 7 Pro x64 ,Windows 8 Ent x64 and Windows Xp SP2

thanx for the link...

but they all guide to the Win 7 installation on UEFI mobo.

I want to install win7 ultimate x64 in legacy mode (non uefi) on the UEFI mobo (Asus M5A97 R2.0) so it will create MBR instead of GPT
(now im not getting these BIOS options correctly.. What is Win in UEFI mode and OTHER OS means? in CSM option there are many sub menus like Legacy First+ Both,UEFI only,UEFI First etc ) thats making me more confused.

so if i want to install Win7 in MBR mode what CSM options and What OS options do i need to select ?

Currently i installed os with USB (selecting USB boot option ,i did not select UEFI -USB)completed the installation(clean) but when i boot,after ASUS logo it throws error "disk read error press ctrl+alt+del to restart. when its done,it boots up in windows normally.... why this disk error popping up every time ..but just once.. ?

note: i tried with 3 diff HDD with same error so bad HDD is not the issue...
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