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23 Jan 2013  

Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit

Hello folks!

I'm quite new to this forum as I just signed up today but I figured it was the best thing to do. I recently built a new computer and thought everything was running smoothly until I started encountering strange occurrences of programs stop responding or crashing. One that is most particular is Google Chrome as I often get issues of my opened tabs getting the "Aw Snap!" leading the pages to crash especially when I refresh them they will crash right away.

I also started noticing that my computer was not fully stable when I was playing Guild Wars 2 and often the game will crash. This kept occurring leading me to contact tech support at NCSoft to help with crash issues. We did not resolve the problem but we went through the process of getting all my drivers up to date (which they already were prior to playing the game).

I finally checked my BIOS version and did some research on the latest firmware and thus I flashed to the most recent version. After doing this I have not experienced any BSODs or crashing in Guild Wars 2 for two days straight.

Today however, I started experiencing similar symptoms to what I had described before in Google Chrome as well as Windows Explorer randomly stop responding. I've encountered 3 BSODs today and all of which occurred while Google Chrome was open.

-the first BSOD happened while I was watching a video on YouTube while having another tab open on the YouTube front page-- I noticed the YouTube front page tab had the "Aw Snap!" crash and few seconds following, the video that was playing on the current tab also crashed.

-the second and third BSOD also happened while Google Chrome was open but on these two I was trying to run the SF Diagnostic Tool provided on the forums. The diagnostic tool would get half way through the process and then suddenly BSOD.

Finally, I run the diagnostic tool for the third time but with Chrome not opened and it followed through successfully so here I am posting about this issue.

I've opened up my .dmp files to inspect the issue and all three of them refer to MEMORY_MANAGEMENT (1a) excluding the .dmp created on 1/22/13 which points to a SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (3b) this was prior to my BIOS flash.

Please, if anyone can help in solving this issue I would greatly appreciate it!

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit
CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K @ 3.40GHz 3.80GHz
Memory: 8.00 GB (2x4) Patriot Memory - Viper DDR3 @ 1600MHz
PSU: CORSAIR CX600 600W ATX12V v2.3
Case: NZXT Phantom 410 (white)
Cooling: COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 EVO
SSD: Samsung SSD 850 PRO Seri
HDD: ST31000524AS

**Attached is the info gathered by the diagnostic tool in zip**
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