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24 Jan 2013  
Borg 386

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Doesn't surprise me one bit. The net is rife with programs like this trying to sneak in unwanted items. It comes down to $$$$$. Adobe tries to get you to d/l a McAfee product during updates by putting the check box off to the side of the page. (Although I haven't seen this the past couple times, I'm still wary when I update).

I've seen some programs that blatantly refuse to give you an opt out on the included software bundles. Programs like this should be avoided like the plague. And even unchecking the box is no guarantee you're not going to get it anyway, or have something else sneak in. It's usually buried deep in the EULA written in legalese, thereby assuring the company is safe if you raise any concerns or threaten action.

Anytime you d/l & install any program, it's a good idea to do a thorough check of your system to be sure you didn't get any unwanted surprises.
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