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25 Jan 2013  

Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit

Urrrggghh... so frustrating. So I encountered yet again a BSOD with the new .dmp file pointing to again MEMORY_MANAGEMENT (1a).

After changing the page file to 1024MB programs seem to not go into the stop responding status. However, I decided to test this out more by opening additional programs simultaneously and noticed some would 'hang' so I went back to the page file settings and just bumped it up to what Windows was recommending which was 12 GB. After doing that, everything seemed to be running fine and I could multi-task different media (music, game, video in browser) with no problems. Guild Wars 2 was running smooth until I got a crash in the game. This happened multiple times so I contacted tech support again and I went through the process of reinstalling my GPU driver-- this is where the BSOD occurred (during a fresh installation of my NVIDIA drivers).

I had to reboot the computer of course, and followed through with the driver installation so now everything is fine in terms of my display settings. I open Chrome however and all the opened tabs are just 'hanging' on loading. Nothing crashing-- just stuck loading; so here I am again posting from IE. I'm going to try a fresh install of Chrome (perhaps by now, my current profile settings are corrupt).

With all the Memtest86 runs I've been doing and results pointing to no Errors in the RAM, I want to say there's nothing wrong with them but perhaps there really is? I read somewhere that Memtest86 alone couldn't guarantee error-free memory so who knows.

Here is latest zip. Any further input on the situation would be awesome

**EDIT: not sure if this will help, but I also took a screenshot of this from my Solve PC Issue(s). This was before BSOD.

Attachment 251915

I was careful about opening these with the Warning notice. If I scrolled down to see the other two problems-- it's just the same thing. This prompted me to do a full scan with MSE and Malwarebytes-- nothing shows up.
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