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16 Aug 2009  

Windows 7 Build 7077 x64
A Very Minor but attractive Windows 7 style(skin)!

So I've been looking around for new visual styles for windows 7, but had yet to find anything that really attracted me. Some of them had nice ideas but weren't so cleanly executed. I also wanted to preserve the Aero feel of Windows. But today I found something I thought was nice and subtle and might please some folks here. It's a minor mod to the orignal aero theme, sharpening the glass effect and overall giving Aero a more "clean" look. It basically changes the edges and some of the lighting of the window glass effects, and though very minor, it gives a breath of fresh air to the Windows 7. I would have loved it if Microsoft would have included such a minor change to the theme. It brings something freshness while not removing the essence of Aero. It was made for RTM, so be cautioned if you have another build!

Since it took me a while to figure out how to install skins for 7, here are the instructions for those who don't know! These should work for other visual styles too.

1) Download this theme patch: Windows 7 UXtheme Patch | MyDesktop
(where it says UxStyle Core)

2) Install the 32bit or 64bit version, depending on your windows 7 installation. You shouldn't need to restart, but if you want you may do so to be sure

3) Once its done installing, download the theme by neodesktop here:
AeroLighting For Windows 7 by ~neodesktop on deviantART

4) Open the zip file. Inside, there will be an "Aero Lighting" folder. Enter this folder, and inside you will find another folder called "AeroLighting" as well as a file of the same name. These two items, you will paste to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes

5) Right click you desktop, Select personalize. Scroll down to "Installed themes", and there should be an item called Aerolighting. Click and enjoy!

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