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27 Jan 2013  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
I need urgent help with Win 7 (and maybe Win 8)

I have been having major issues with Windows 7 (and I just found out that Win 8 Pro Upgrade is being offered till Jan31 for S39.99)

I am happy with Win 7 features, BUT I do not seem to fix my issues.

Win 7 is not booting. I do have:
A. repair disk;
B. a System Recovery disk;.
C. the Dell.Re-installation OEM disk from Dell (of what they say is already installed in my Dell Desktop PC

Additionally I have
D. an ISO Image from Dell Community Win 7 Image X17-58997.iso..img for my original Win 7 Home 64bit OS

And. one HDD does boot (out of 7 disks I own)...although after bypassing error "0xc0000024"..after that error message.I hit Enter ... and Windows 7 boots.

With all the tools listed above I CANNOT install Windows 7 in a SSD as my boot disk, so i can delete the OS from the Mechanical HDDs that now boots with that error. All other HDDs cannot be read by the OS. That is why i want a clean re-install.

QUESTION :Could anyone offer me some detailed assitance to solve my problem.

I have an unopened Windows 7 disk that reads: Windows 7 Home Premium that comes with both 32 and 64 bit Disks (My original system is 64-bit) (*)
Now this piece of software reads that is PGRADE designed for Windows Vista I never owned Vista i bought it with Win 7 64 bit pre-installed by Dell.

QUESTION: Would this spare Upgrade be good to use to re-install my original Win 7 64bit and also using my original Key Code. OR... it wont work cause it needs the old VISTA OS on the computer

And my last option now....(back to first paragraph above) Microsoft is offering for a few more days until January 31 a $39.99 version referred to as The Price of Windows 8 Pro Upgrade Goes From $40 to $200 on February. `This license requires that you already have a copy of Windows installed, anything from Windows XP through Windows 8.(this would be my last resort if none of the other tools work for me)

I have tried to use every tool mentioned above (A,B,C and D) without any success.

I have not tried the unopened software cause I am unsure if it would work for my purposes.

I would appreciate if someone could help me solve my situation..

Thank you kindly
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