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17 Aug 2009  

Windows 7 SP1 x64

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The direct quote below is from JoeHobart from

"This is the translated #GP code the fault handler raises, which the operating system displays as an 'Access Violation', whos numerical form is c thousand 5. Its the operating system telling you that a program has malfunctioned and tried to reference no mans land. It has nothing specific to do with any particular program, or a brand of software, this is straight from the CPU and kernel of the operating system."

It appears to point to steam or css itself. To test things out you could try using just a single language, or if you have any other apps running or sarting up disable them too. Have you posted anything on the steam or css forums? Maybe you can get some assistance there too.
Nice Answer!
But ive spotted this malfunction with Half-life 2 too!
Just click and BAM!
This can mean that steam is the problem, or hl2 and css are sharing the
same engine files(less likely)

Interesting that ive run the two games without a prob on XP and Vista
with the same .gcf files and the same languages!

When you said "you could try using just a single language" i think of
the keyboard layouts because ive got the same error with/without the
My System SpecsSystem Spec