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30 Jan 2013  

WXP Pro 32 bit, W7 Pro 32 bit
Dual boot WXP + W7

Hi Everyone
First of all thank you guys for the excellent advices and detailed tutorials, they are really helpful, I already learnt a lot, but, as always I still have some questions.
After assembling a new PC (based on a Gigabyte Z77 DS3H motherboard) I need a dual boot system, with the option to choose between 32 bit WXP and 32 bit W7. I created a slipstream WXP install CD with all the SATA drivers and used it to put the WXP on a primary partition on a SATA HDD. Then using the W7 install CD I put the W7 on a primary partition on a separate SSD.
Unfortunately when switching the machine on the boot fails every time, unless I go into the BIOS every time and select the WXP-containing HDD as the 1st boot device. After that tha machine starts and offers me the choice between the "Earlier OS" and W7.
Why is that ? Why the BIOS does not remember the boot sequence settings despite saving it ? Why am I greeted with the aforementioned opening choices - which comes from the W7 Boot Manager - and not the WXP opening screen which would say "Microsoft Windows XP Professional" (instead of "Earlier OS") ?
Any help would be well appreciated.
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