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31 Jan 2013  

Windows 7 Pro-x64

The only extra I see in the Registry is the POSIX. This is usually included as part of PSXSS.EXC that establishes various system items and .NET needs. Not sure why it's added except perhaps for remote debugging with the Intel Management Engine. The "after Bios" boot times are less but there's still 20 startup programs in Windows boot. As an example, I have eight! This could be what we refer to here as PC Mfg. "Bloatware" but you don't give any details of your startup programs. Widows startup will take about 15 seconds and while your Prefetch loading is taking 2-4 seconds, you'll get that back (and then some) during use. Everything beyond that will be operational programs, drivers and extras. And it appears you have MANY extras.

Do you use a lot of desktop icons? Have many Users defined? Have any desktop Gadgets? These all add to startup time.

The Intel Management Engine is used for remote access by IT folks or for remote debugging. I don't know your situation so I can't advise on the removal of IME and remote debugging but it takes load time and memory even when not in use.

If you can post a snippet of your startup programs, we might be able to pick through it.
Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > System Configuration then click on the Startup tab. Use the Snipping Tool and capture the contents of the window. It will take multiple snips to get all 20 of yours.
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