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01 Feb 2013  

Windows 7 Premium x64

Yesterday's BSOD was the first I've had since formatting my machine back in August, which was a total system wipe. Prior to that my only issue was the system freezing. Which was the same as the OPs problem with the mouse and keyboard. Originally I thought it was a driver issue. Until I noticed that the clock wasn't changing. Upon reviewing the Event Viewer log I found that EppOobe.etl was the culprit. When I found out about removing the file my problems were gone. So long as I removed it before each shutdown and restart. And to clarify I had removed and re-installed MSE more than once.

I'm unsure why there are so many issues stemming from this .etl file. But if you google MSE error 0xC000000D you'll find numerous forums with posters experiencing the same issues as myself and the OP. All the fixes I've come across appear to be only temporary. Which is why I'm hoping uninstalling MSE and using something else solves my problem.

However, I've noticed that even with MSE uninstalled (through Control Panel) it's folder remains. After altering the folders permissions, since it wouldn't let me delete it even as an Administrator, I've managed to delete the folder. But whenever I reboot, the folder reappears and only that pesky .etl file is added. Why? How do I permanently remove this program and it's files from my machine? And yes I've run a maleware and virus scan, both of which come back clean.

As for your above post I will definitely look into the bloatware, thank you for that link!
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