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02 Feb 2013  

Winfows 7 Ultimate x64
I have a GPU problem on my device manager.

Hi I've been having this problem since a few days ago. I've been receiving this "NO AMD Graphics Driver is installed or the AMD Driver is not functioning properly.
please install the amd driver appropriate to your AMD hardware. " every since a few days ago while I was playing cs:go.

so what I did was "Control Panel>Uninstall>AMD CCC>Express Uninstall>ok>C: delete all amd and ati folders>regedit>all amd and ati>restart>safe mode>driver sweeper>reboot>install 13.2>I get problem during installation about hdmi display and audio failed in installing (this is a few days ago I got the code 19 error).

now I did is pretty much the same thing but on device manager I uninstalled the 7800 (using a sapphire 7850) then restarted my pc then afterwards i went to device manager to check for change in hardware and it appeared in other devices>Video Controller(VGA Compatible) I then Installed Driver 12.11 since it was working great for me but I experienced the same thing with the above it failed to install 2 programs the display and the other. so right now I'm out of Ideas hopefully you guys can help me out. (now it's Code 1)

Rest of system specs:
windows7 ultimate 64bit
msix79a gd65 8d
sapphire hd 7850 dual fan non oc

and yes all my motherboard drivers are updated and I'm using the latest bios (since december) and recently the motherboard drivers after this problem appeared but didn't fix any.

edit: i tried switching to different pci-e 3.0 slots same thing happened on the 2nd one with code 1.

edit1: I uninstalled my amd drivers, removed them from registry, on safe boot driver sweeper. then ccleaner>shut down>removed gpu and put it to the 2nd pcie 3.0 slot> open pc, now installing 13.2>

then this appeared and I click OK

then after install i get error

device manager

ccc problem
My System SpecsSystem Spec