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02 Feb 2013  

W7 Ultimate x64

Did a repair install. Hopefully this works, reinstalling all the updates now.

- still updating (why in the world cant you just get every update at once, i install 100+ updates at once, trying to get all of them, reboot, and then its like 5 updates, then reboot, and there's like 2-3 left out, and this process repeats basically for days...).

Anyways checked update history against the list i made in OP, and 2653956 was one of the succeeded updates. Furthermore no 'failed' updates that I had to manually install.

It appears the repair install fixed things. All my programs and files and settings seem intact too.

edit: All updates listed in OP have been installed. No issues.

Not sure what the problem is, but it might have something to do with unstable XMP profile. (omg sorry for not listing hardware, i meant to but forgot).

I have Mushkin Enhanced Ridgeback Blackine 996902, 2x2gb, 2000mhz CL7 1.65v

apparently you can't set ram to 2000mhz on the ud5h. im not exactly sure why, but anyways when set to the xmp profile but 2133mhz, its perfectly stable. I think when running 2000mhz and troubleshooting this issue i was having crashes during the update process that may have caused some sort of dll or registry issues.
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