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03 Feb 2013  

W7 Ultimate x64

You know, just something odd...

The windows animation (4 colored dots swirling into a window logo) was not finishing before. like they'd swirl and halfway through animation the windows login screen would come up. doesn't seem like an issue at all, i have boot time set to 3 seconds (intel x25m g2 80gb, 3sec boot always fine on previous builds on this ssd).

When i repaired, i got the full animation.

But I've been doing some overclock tweaking and stuff, and the animation isn't completing anymore, it's like as it was before. I didn't say anything about this because I thought the animation never finished (can't be sure if it ever did, i mean i just built this system and one of the first things i did was trying to set xmp, even during installation and driver stuff).

ill keep an eye if updates or anything else screws up in the future.
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