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03 Feb 2013  

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Broken laptop screen - only detects external monitor safe mode!?


I am puzzling! I am really not a computery person - but dropped my Acer laptp on the floor, and broke the screen - so bought a dell monitor, plugged it in, and it works - but only in SAFE mode. I have tried the Fn F5 or F6 keys, and that doesnt work. When I do that it just freezes to the screensave on my laptop (a lovely picture of my cat!!) however wont let me use any keys or anything.

I dont know much about drivers or anything... I am just completely baffled, and really have no idea what to do now! When I went to windows help, it talked about setting the external monitor, but it couldnt detect a second monitor (even though I am clearly using it RIGHT now in safe mode!!)

Please can someone help me - in simple terms?


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