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03 Feb 2013  

Win 7 Home Premium 64
Internet speed loss, can't find solution

I'm having some serious issues with my internet speed. I am on Virgin Media 60mb with the ISP provided router. We have 4 computer connected via wires and several wireless devices. In the last month my computer has been suffering some serious internet issues.

My regular connection on would give 55-60mb/s, in the last month after downloading or streaming video online my internet connection would become unusable and sitting around 0.08mb/s.

All the other computers and devices on the router remain fine.

I have tried updating drivers, re-installing network devices, resetting network settings and 2 different NICs. I've also reset the router repeatedly and also tried disabling the firewall.

As a last ditch effort I re-formatted my computer and re-installed Win 7. The connection worked fine for a while until I was re-downloading some software and the connection went again.

Like I previously mentioned I have tried 2 different NICs, 1 wired and 1 wireless. The issues remains on both. I've run out of ideas.
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