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04 Feb 2013  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Installing Home Server 2010 on HP Proliant Microserver

My apologies for an off-topic post, but I'm hoping there will be knowledgeable people here...

I have a Still-in-the-box HP Proliant Microserver and an unopened copy of Windows Home Server 2010.
The Proliant has a 150Gb drive, and I have a second to install as a mirror.

My question concerns drivers for this setup, and the sequence of installation.

Preferred route:
1. Add extra 150Gb drive, and mirror it in the BIOS.
2. Install Server 2010
... I'm wondering if I'll need to jump through hoops to get the right drivers to boot from the mirrored pair, or if there's a chance that Server 2010 out of the box will know about my hardware (which is ubiquitous).

Route 2: (to be tried if I get stuck on the preferred route)
1. Install Server 2010 onto the singleton 150Gb drive. I'm thinking that Server 2010 might be happier with this setup.
2. Add second 150Gb drive, and mirror original drive onto my second drive. I'm hoping that this mirroring (in the H/W, not emulated in software) will not destroy the contents of my original drive. I have doubts about this.

Route 3: Beg for help from someone who knows what they're doing (I suspect this is the most likely to work)
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