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04 Feb 2013  

Windows 8 32bit
Horrible performance on Battlefield 3 - not sure why.

So, as the thread title says, Battlefield 3 runs pretty awful on my PC. So bad that it seriously effects my gameplay, and puts me off playing altogether many times.
As a little background info, these are my computer specs:

Nvidia GTX560SE
AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ 3.2 dual core
Windows 8 32 bit (I know it's not Win 7 but I've just upgraded from Vista so I know my OS isn't the problem.)
ASUSTek M3A32-MVP Deluxe (Mobo)

So, with this setup, I get around 15-low 20s fps on Battlefield 3. It very rarely reaches 30 at all, and most of the time hovers around 20. Every graphical setting is the lowest it can go. I run at 1920x1080.
I know that my CPU is my weak point but upgrading is not a viable option right now unfortunately. That said, I really don't think the game should run that terribly, surely I should be able to run it on at least the lowest settings smoothly? My graphics drivers are up to date. My Mobo hasn't been updated since I got it (2008 I think), as I'm not confident enough to do it comfortably, but I'm open to it if anyone thinks it'd make a big difference.

Does anyone have any ideas how I could boost performance? I just don't get it, I love playing Total War games and I can play Shogun 2 (the newest Total War) with everything on Ultra and it runs perfectly. All of my other games work great too, although BF3 and Shogun 2 are probably the most demanding ones I play. I'm not kidding myself, I know my setup is not top of the range, but I just want to ideally play BF3 on medium settings or around there with smooth gameplay.

If you need any more information please ask, and thank you for reading.
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