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05 Feb 2013  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.
Norton 360 and Windows 7...Opinions and Advice requested.

Hello my fellow windows 7 users.

I bought a new laptop a few months ago, I had some problems, but everything is running well now, thanks in no small part to the knowledge in these forums. I was given Norton 360 as a gift. I always heard Norton was excellent, and it cost $100, so I figured it would handle my security needs. However, realizing that no one program can do everything, I took a gentleman's advice on here and installed Malwarebytes as well, and together they have seemingly kept things in check.

However, recently I have noticed that Norton consumes considerable resources, even when its not running scans, tuneups, or open as an active application. Although it did not really bother me that much because I still have plenty of RAM and it did not seem to be slowing me down that much.

Then a few weeks ago, on my old laptop with runs windows vista, that I still use somewhat often for certain things, my registration with Avast free ran out. Now this laptop only has 2gbs RAM and is about 4 years old, but Avast, which many say is a very heavy program to run, always ran great and really protected my computer well, and I surfed everywhere on that PC. So I decided to install 360 on that, since your allowed to put it on up to 3 PC's. Well since I have, I've been running at Max capacity in terms of physical memory and has slowed the PC like an engine running with no oil.

So that's why I posted this topic, because after doing some research, it seems like people really hate Norton, and I now have anxiety that it could hurt my PC in the long run. However, the program cost a 100 bucks and I feel like I must use it for that reason...aaaaaaa. It seems most recommend going with either MSE or Avast for the primary antivirus/spyware, then Malwarebytes, super antispyware, and maybe even spybot. *These last three would of course only been ran separate.

Any feedback would be appreciated...
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