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05 Feb 2013  

Windows 7 Home Premiun 64 Bits

Thanks for your help koolkat77 and essenbe. I ran the memtest86, seems like one of my 4 sticks of Corsair RAM Memory was bad, I followed the steps removing and replacing each stick of RAM looking for errors and only 1 stick came up with errors. After removing it, and running the memtest86 test, I saw no more errors, and I'm no longer getting errors when running games, or the IE browser.

One final question, another one of the issues that I was having that I did not mention was getting errors when installing games, and this is not happening any more after removing the bad stick of memory. I can see how bad RAM memory can create issues when using applications, IE, games, etc. But how does bad RAM end up creating errors where you get messages stating that the source from which you are installing might be corrupt? It had to have been the bad stick of RAM, since I tried the same two DVD's after removing the bad stick of RAM, and I'm no longer getting those errors.

Thanks for the help again.
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