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08 Feb 2013  

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HTML Depricated in Internet Explorer 10 vs. previous versions

I'm not sure if it's completely (or even partially) kosher to bring this up, since it might be more of an HTML question than a browser question per sé, so if I'm stepping over the line, my apologies . . .

In hopes of solving some issues I was experiencing with IE-9, I upgraded to Pre-Release 10. Actually that didn't solve my problems, but thankfully I got the help I needed in dealing with those issues via this forum.

Anyway, now that I'm on IE-10, I've noticed that some webpages I've written no longer appear the way I'd like them to. Specifically, this relates to tables; more specifically, to their borders. From what I can tell so far, this is due to the fact that IE-10 has deprecated the following HTML tag: bordercolor="‹·value·›"

I've considered the idea of reverting back to IE-9, but rejected that as a misguided attempt to hold onto the past: i.e., I think other browsers have already deprecated this tag; IE-9 being the last hold-out.

So onward we go. And from what I can gather, the way forward will involve some kind of CSS implementation, about which I know almost nothing; something I'm not bragging about, to be sure. I've begun to review some online documentation, specifically, HTML Dog. While this seems like a great resource, I'm having a hard time using it to quickly learn how to make the necessary changes to some production webpages so I can restore them to their previous appearance.

So... here's the (perhaps inappropriate) question (again, apologies...):

Can anyone recommend an online forum dedicated to HTML questions and answers ?

Perhaps, I should mention that I really don't use any special webpage generation tools. I just write the straight HTML code using MS Wordpad. Also, my knowledge of HTML is both rudimentary and backlevel: what I've learned to do over the years is probably based on the HTML 3.0 standard.

Jeese! My embarrassment just continues!

Anyway, thanks for any pointers (to another forum) you might be able to provide.

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