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12 Feb 2013  


I am beginning to think that my large partition on my C: drive already has the necessary boot code in it (as a result of making it Active) because from what I've read the boot loader software looks for the first Active partition on the boot drive and loads the OS from there.

When I first created my SSD boot drive Win7 made the 2 partitions: the 100 MB one and the big one with Windows that took up all the remaining space. At that time the 100 MB partition was marked as Active; this coincides with the MS explanation of how this partition contains the necessary boot software.

But when I made the Windows partition Active using Disk Manager I think what happened was Disk Manager copied the boot stuff into the Windows partition (somewhere, but exactly where I don't know.) Since I now have only one Active partition I think my system must actually be booting from the Windows partition, and not the 100MB one.

If this is true I should be able to just delete the 100MB partition and then merge the space with the big partition. Of course this will only work if it's actually true that making a partition Active puts the boot code in that partition.

I can't tell if that's the case or not, even with those command line routines that list out what's in the boot sectors.
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