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18 Aug 2009  

Windows 7
Hope this hasn't been asked

So I have Win 7 64 installed on my C drive - a 1TB Raid 0.
I installed Win XP Home 32 on a different 750 GB Non raid

I tried to boot to Win 7 after XP install. Failed. I didn't find this forum, but instead, put the Win 7 CD in and recovered my Win 7 MBR through that.
I'm now unable to boot to Win XP even though I manually adjusted the MBR in Win 7 via the command prompt.

When I try to load Win XP at OS select it tells me Win XP MBR is corrupt and to put in the disc.

So...which steps should I follow to finish this process Win 7 side only?
I installed Easy ECB, deleted the manual entry I established in the MBR for Win XP and used Easy to create a new one.

Do I have to copy anything over to my Win XP partition to get this to work? Am I missing any steps? The XP option is pointed to the correct drive I think. In my win 7 setup it shows as drive E, though in the XP setup it shows as drive D (and My 7 setup shows as drive C across both.)
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