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13 Feb 2013  

Win 7 64 Ultimate
What would you want in a New/Used basic Computer? I need some ideas

I need some ideas to make a somewhat basic PC really cool!!
I built this to play with it some and then sell it and i'm just not having any luck with it, im guessing maybe because of the smaller SSD drive but my price is set firm at just a few bucks over what i have into it parts wise.
Heres the specs:

AMD A-5300 3.6Ghz Dual Core APU W/HD Radeon Graphics
MSI FM2-A75MA-E35 Motherboard
4Gb Crucial Ballistix 13333Mhz Ram
Corsair H 50 Liquid Cooler
LG 24X DVDrw Multi Drive
Coolermaster Thermal Master Case with 3 120mm Fans
500 Watt Powersupply
Used 30Gb OCZ SSD Drive with newest firmware and optimized for windows 7
(16.5Gb free space for programs and files)
Can add 80GB Sata Hdd for a few bucks more
Fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit Edition Activated and Updated and SSD Optimized
Security Essentials Anti-virus

so i have had this listed locally for a few weeks now, almost a month and usually i dont have a problem selling any of the used computers i build but this one is being tuff, maybe cause its all new and anyone can just go buy the same parts themselves,, i dont know but i havent even had one inquiry!!

Im not listing any prices or anything here on win7 forums because it is only forsale locally and i dont want to sell it to anyone here i just want some advice and or some cool ideas that may help boost my sale.

ALL parts are NEW with the exception of the small 30gb SSD Drive,, and as i said above i have an 80GB 7200rpm Sata drive i could add for more space. I thought of maybe installing the 80gb as a storage drive and add a bunch of movies to that drive to go with the PC but i have found in the past adding additional software or movies usually doesnt help any.

Any ideas or help would be much appreciated.

Heres a few pics of it too

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