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13 Feb 2013  

Win 7 64 Ultimate

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You are using a liquid cooling on a system with only 30GB of storage & that includes the HD?
Get rid of the liquid cooling and invest in more HD space.
500GB would be the minimum you should consider for even a small build.
True that however my thought was that the person who buys it could make that upgrade as well as a good videocard or a dual graphics compatable Radeon card to have a some what decent lower end gaming machine,,, but yea your right i'm thinking i should put the stock cooler back on it and knock a few more bucks off the price and use the H50 for something else,,, my original intention was that the H50 would help the sale more than anything but now that i think of it,,, it could be hampering it instead,,,,, I also have pretty much the same spec's build in a small home theater case with the stock cooler on it and two drives with a total of 320gb space and its not generating any intrest either.....

Im not a space hog i dont save JUNK i like a smaller drive and i could be wrong but i think the smaller drives perform better than the larger drives.
but yea your right people want space so maybe i should tear this thing down and get a bigger drive and up the price some.
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