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15 Feb 2013  

Win7 Home Premium 64x

I don't know about all cards being ugly, just depends on your style. they are going toward sleak/minimalist design though...

got this card a while ago before it was discontinued and it looks very nice in my case. it was good for my budget and overclocks nicely.

Either upgrading to a 7850 next or xfir'ing a second 6850. not sure yet on budget, but probably will go with 7850 or better when prices go down simply due to RAM mirroring in xfire otherwise 2x6850's beat the 7850: Video Card Comparison - (enable multi-gpu to see diff)

Just don't go with the 77xx cards... the 6850 is still better than those. the 7850 and up are better though....

(this is obviously just on the AMD side. not sure where these lie in comparison with Nvidia) (would like to know though....)
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