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21 Aug 2009  

vista windows 7 RTM Premium & Vista SP2 with GAG Dual Boot
Dual Booting 7 and Vista with DATA Partition problems

I installed a copy of the RTM version of 7 Ultimate on a second primary ACTIVE partition with Vista on the first primary partition (doing it this way allows me to get rid of the Microsoft Boot manager and use GAG to dual boot either OS) and it works great.

My problem is sharing documents which I keep on another Logical partition labeled DATA. Using My Documents on this drive in Vista has always worked fine. When I booted to Win 7 and "moved" My Documents from C:\User\... to D:\My Documents I could use the files no problem in Win 7...

but when I booted back to Vista and tried to copy or move any of the files on D:\My Documents from within Vista I get a "you do not have permission to" error when I try to do anything with those files. It seems Win 7 has taken possession of the permissions on the files and will not relinquish them to Vista.

Using XP and Vista in the same dual boot scenario did not have this problem.

What if anything can I do to resolve this problem?
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