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23 Aug 2009  

Windows 7 Pro x64 RTM

OK, disabling the Legacy USB has no effect, still HAL 12 Error...

I think maybe this is a case of my MB not liking S3(STR) in ACPI Suspend Type under bios, cause using S1(POS), I got no Error, but my PC is not really "Sleep", here is why:

Bios - Power Management - ACPI Suspend Type = S3(STR) (Default)
Error 12 HAL
PC goes into full sleep, everything is shutdown, can wake up PC ONLY by double clicking the mouse.

Bios - Power Management - ACPI Suspend Type = S1(POS)
NO Error
However, I could still hear all the fans spinning, wake up PC by simply touching the keyboard or mouse.

What ACPI in bios are you guys using? S3 or S1?

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