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24 Aug 2009  

Windows 7
DOLBY Passthrough problems with WMC

I have a mix of SD/HD with and without AC3/AAC encoding, so I need to have a MC set-up that caters for all.

The problem I have is with WMC/WMP as it does not pass AC3/AAC to my Pioneer Home Cienma system via OPTICAL DIGITAL - the display does NOT change to DTS or DOLBY B as with XBMC, so I know it's not my media files.

I have AC3filter installed, along with "CoreAVC 1.95 full edition", "HAALI Media Splitter" and "DivX Tech Preview: MKV on Windows 7"

Tried the Preferred DirectShow Filters Tool for Windows 7 tool and selected CoreAVC (full version bought and paid for) over Microsoft but still no difference in MC.

So I installed ffdshow and selected it instaed of CoreAVC and/or Microsoft. Still no AC3/AAC passed through.

Even disabled AC3/AAC inside ffdshow to see if it was being blocked and still no difference. Tried disabling MIXER in ffdshow but no change.

Now taken ffdshow off, ans installed Shark007's Win7Codecs pack but that doesn't seem to help.

My little Archos TV+ still plays the same files and passes AC3 to my receiver, so I'm assuming that it is definitely WMC not working correctly in my set-up.

I'm not adverse to re-installing Windows 7 if you think starting afresh might help ??

If anyone has any further suggestions that helps me to stick with WMC, please let me know.
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