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24 Aug 2009  


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Ok, I'm new to Windows 7, just recently upgraded from XP and I have this issue that is really annoying me.

I have like 4 onboard RJ45 LAN network ports on my motherboard and so far I can only share the second one with internet and file sharing but it I cannot enable the 3rd and 4th port, because the internet sharing only allows me to select one connection only.


As seen in this image I can only select one, under "Home network connection" this option did not even exist in Windows Vista.

Is there a way I can share my internet and file sharing with port 3 and 4 as well?
HI Chrono Detector; Welcome to Windows Seven Forums. Its nice to meet you.

I have never had good success with the "Internet connection sharing" feature from Microsoft, but if you can supply some additional info, perhaps we can help out?

How are you connecting to the Internet? Are you using a router? How many computers are in your network?

The image above says you can have "one local area connection" which is correct. However you connect to the Internet, that connection is a "Local Area Connection" and represents the "network" to which all other computers will connect to the Internet. If you want to connect two additional computers to the two rj45 jacks, you are going to need some "Server" software. That is one thing servers do. Your computer with just a desktop OS does not have the software to manage multiple connections the way a router does.

If you wish to describe your network setup further and just what you wish to accomplish, perhaps we can help?

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