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26 Aug 2009  

Win7 64bit Ultimate
IOBit Security 360 Not Compatible

So I finally narrowed down the problem for sure this time.

When using IOBit Security 360 the system will randomly become unresponsive.

I finally found proof of this today. I was using my machine one minute and when I went to use it a few minutes later I was not able to do anything at all. The task manager would not open and applications would not launch.

This had been happening over the past week and I originally thought it was due to uTorrent. It turns out it was coincidence alone that I would shut down uTorrent and then the system would have this issue.

So today when it happened I shut down Security 360 and as soon as I did that the system became responsive and ran fine. Simply shutting the app down was enough to solve the issue.

So do not use Security 360 until there is a fix.
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