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02 Sep 2009  
The Blessed One

Windows 7 bugs list. Microsoft please read!

I have had Windows 7 32-bit RTM (clean install) for many weeks now. In terms of bugs, I have found a few and will decribe them below. If you have any confirmed bugs, please post your experience below too, there is a small chance Microsoft may be aware of this thread!

Operating System: Windows 7 32-bit RTM (Official)

Bug 1: Sometimes Windows Media Player fails to open after waking laptop from sleep. All other times it works fine. I can see the Windows Media Player process in task manager running but the window just doesn't appear and my files don't play. This applies to any media file being opened (music/video./etc...). Interestingly logging off and back in doesn't fix the problem. I have to do a system restart to make it work like normal.

Bug 2: Windows Live Messenger suddenly pops up when you are minimising other application. For example: I was signed in to WLM (latest version 14.0.8089.726) and had all WLM windows shut (it was still running in taskbar). I also had Firefox 3.5.2 open. I minimised Firefox then for some reason, WLM came up as if I clicked it, of course I didn't! And no I didn't receive a new IM or something which caused a window to pop up. This is a bug. It only happens with WLM popping up, so I the bug is with WLM and not Win7.

To reproduce: Already described in the bugs above.

Note: I got so annoyed with these that I reinstalled Windows 7 32-bit RTM 3 times! And I am still having these bugs! Sometimes the bugs occur after computer has been woken from sleep (my Dell M1530). I repeat, I did clean installs of Windows 7 32-bit all 3 times I reinstalled.

Guys it would be better if we reported the bugs in a formal kind of format like the example below. Thanks


Operating system: Windows 7 32-bit RTM (official)

Bug: Windows explorer crashes after I press ctrl + 14

To reproduce:
Press ctrl +14

Any notes: 1. Have to have Aero turned on. 2. Only happens sometimes.
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