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05 Sep 2009  

Linux CENTOS 7 / various Windows OS'es and servers

Hi there
WinTV 7 version 1.2 is now available from the Hauppage site -- this works pretty well on Windows 7 RTM (and X-64 as well) including analog - I use the analog composite input on an HVR 1110 (67XX) card as I plug the receiver of a Video sender into the card -- I transmit the signal from a SKY box to the TV card - works a treat -- remember to turn off Wireless on your router if the router is situated neer the Video receiver otherwise you'll get interference.

Windows Media Center has a problem in that you can't use Composite input unless you have some type of remote.

Anlog pictures can suffer a lot from interference caused by weather, other TV signals causing interference, electric cables etc etc.

Unless you are using composite video I wouldn't bother with the Analog channels any more -- in most W. European countries the analog TVsignal will be switched off by 2012 at the latest -- its already GONE in a lot of areas already.

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