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07 Sep 2009  

Win7 Pro SP1 64-bit
Change color of highlighted (not selected) items?

Thank you so much for the great tutorials here! Going through them was a snap and they are a big help!

I am looking to change the color and/or transparency of when an item is "highlighted" (not selected) -- you can see one barrier is I don't even know what this is called

I am using a customized Aero theme that was based on the Landscape theme.

To see this 'highlight' color: Click on Start menu button -> right-click on "computer" -> click "manage". In the left-hand tree pane of "Computer Management" dialog, click on any item listed. If the focus remains on the the left-hand item, the color is a transparent aqua. (If the focus shifts into another pane for any reason, this color lightens considerably.)

Another place where I believe the same setting can be seen, is in the "Window Color and Appearance" dialog. Go there and hover the cursor over the "OK" and "Cancel" buttons without clicking. The buttons will highlight with this transparent aqua color.

Any information on how to alter this color and/or transparency is appreciated

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