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15 Sep 2009  

Windows 7
Ntldr vs guid identifier

I installed a backup drive and cloned my host drive and setup an the option in my multi-boot menu with bcdedit to boot into the backup os ...since that was easier than resetting the bios boot sequence .. it works fine but I went through the hastle of using the guid number identifier... i'm wondering if {ntldr} is a valid substitue? I guess I'll just try it and see. Here is the method I used:

<P>bcdedit /copy {current} /d "Boot Backup"
<P>You will get this message with DIFFERENT guid numbers
<br>The entry was successfully copied to {bda1ead3-8577-11de-883c-00226808ae4c}
<P>Use YOUR guid number in the 3 following commands:
<P>bcdedit /set { YOUR GUID NUMBER } device partition=E:
<P>bcdedit /set { YOUR GUID NUMBER } osdevice partition=E:
<P>bcdedit /set { YOUR GUID NUMBER } description "Backup Drive"
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