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21 Sep 2009  

Win7 64-bit Ultimate

Don't know why JFar is having problems, but I have 2 Nvidia 280 GTX cards in my machine, both work Flawlessly and had them on Vista, and now Win7.

2 cards can increase performance anywhere from 0 - 200% - it depends on the game. Almost all modern games support SLI, and NVidia adds new profiles to the driver all the time to increase performance for 2 cards with games. General performance increase is 40-90% over 1 card from what i've seen. NVidia will give you similar numbers.

My advice:
If you play extremely graphic intensive games (Crysis, etc.), 2 cards will benefit you immensly - if you play general things like Chess built into Win7, etc., it will not.

I suggest you post your system specs and the games you play.
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