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27 Jan 2009  

windows 7

I just tried Far Cry 2 and Gta4 on my installation of windows 7, and all I can say is: holy crap! this OS has unleashed the power of my somewhat unbalanced system. I have an xfx 9800gt with 512 megs of ddr3, running on an amd 64x2 athlon 3800+ with 2 gigs of ddr2. This x-mas I was a bit disappointed when those 2 games ran kinda crappy on my new "super card". After trying them with windows 7, I could see just how much the 3800+ dual core was borderline for those games and that video card. Luckily this upgrade was just the thing to breathe some new life into my system, taking alot of weight off the cpu's with W7's lighter footprint and optimization (or whatever its called, call it magic if you want). I finally have these games playing in "mostly ultra"/highest res possible, with amazing framerates (super smooth, minimum of 30fps). and just think, they havent even finished smoothing things out. this OS is going to be the greatest ever when it hits the shelves, and as far as i'm concerned, it already is. If anyone is wondering if games will run as good or better than with vista, the answer is a definate YES. btw, i saw an article with 3d benchmark scores that showed otherwise on their testbeds, but after trying for myself, I had proof that in real life, those figures had nothing to do with whats really goin on. getting some games to run can be a bit quirky, but its worth it. this is the second generation of OS's "optimized for multi-core", making vista look like my gramma trying to dribble and slam dunk. if my 3800+ can do so well, imagine when i upgrade to a quad core running at least 10ghz.., my god , what a beautiful dream. one which will be a reality very soon. Muhahahahhhah. thanks microsoft for FINALLY getting it right!
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