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24 Sep 2009  

Windows 7 build 7600

H2SO4, Thanks for the explanation. It helped me understand what has been going on much better and I can see why a simple copy process is basically overloading the cpu yet the memory usage stays at about 30%. I have tried all the ports. I spoke with someone at Nvidia today. They suggested using a win7 64 bit compatible driver but the one they suggested was for desktops. I have Geforce 7150m/630n and the desktop version is Geforce 7150m/630i. My integrated card was not listed as supported so I inquired as to whether or not it would be compatible and am waiting to hear back. There is no Win7 driver yet for my specific board/card. HP of course, suggests only using the drivers listed on their site and they number them differently so it's a bit tricky trying to figure out exactly which driver I have. I know they only post the ones they've tested, including the Bios update(released 3/09 for my particular system) but other drivers like the chipset are listed on HP as driver number 13.11 and the latest on nvidia is 15.37. How far behing can they be?? It seems nobody at HP is really concentrating on a 2007 machine, must be too far out of date I guess? Too bad for them I'm still under warranty though they refuse to offer any support on Win 7 until Oct 22 though my copy is legal. And of course technet and msdn are of no help at all because they want me to forward concerns to HP. The old pass the buck game. I need to do some research and try and see if there is a newer bios update though it's hard to track down outside the HP site. The chipset and bios are not listed in device manager so again, for a novice like me, hard to find exactly which version of the chipset driver I have though I do believe it is from the HP dl site. I will see if I can find a firewire device and give it a try. I will post again when I get more info from nvidia. Thanks for all your help and if you have any further ideas, it'd be great to hear them.
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