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26 Sep 2009  

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Will vista be phased out after 10/22

This might be a stupid question, but will MS stop selling vista after 10/22? I understand they kept XP for sale because many people didn't like Vista or didn't have the hardware. Vista probably was better than XP IF you had powerful hardware, but legacy hardware ans software required XP incl. netbooks.

But W7 is better in every aspect including hardware resources. Who would buy a new OS or PC with vista when W7 is available at a comparable price?

so will they just kill it on 10/22? I can imagine the PC s at best buy and the W7 PCs just fly out the door and the vista ones collect dust (but you have to consider stupid consumers who don't know). I know, they come with W7 upgrade coupon, but which best buy costumer is able to upgrade? If they were computer-able they wouldn't be shopping there to begin with.

I found the W7 life cycle and surprisingly it says that it will be supported till 2020 (yes, all versions, not only the business versions). Vista only had that long support for business versions. Private version support including Ultimate ended after 5 years. I guess it sucks for people who bought vista... It's like MS knew no one really wants vista anyway
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