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27 Sep 2009  

Windows® 8 Pro (64-bit)
Counterspy Anti malware

Looks almost like Vipre AV(common manufacturer).
Counterspy Anti malware-3.png

Counterspy comes with a 15 day trial. Works well with Windows 7 64 bit.

Although, its an anti malware, they say that its not recommended to run it alongwith any active protection anti virus. However, i m running it alongwith kaspersky internet security and its working well together.

Quick scans take around 3 mins.
Counterspy Anti malware-4.png

Installation is very quick. A reboot is required after installation.

When idle, it uses around 20-25 MB RAM.
Counterspy Anti malware-1.png
While scan, memory used is 30-36 MB RAM.
Counterspy Anti malware-2.png
Detections are way better than other anti spyware applications like spybot and Spy sweeper.

CounterSpy Standout Features:
  • Active Kernel-level protection 24/7
  • Minimum system performance impact
  • FirstScan provides deep on-boot scan
  • Boot Time Scans kill rootkits
  • Kernel-level 24/7 Active Protection

The difference between vipre av and counterspy anti malware:
Counterspy Anti malware-capture.png

Overall a good product. 4.6/5

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