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28 Jan 2009  

Vista Ult 64bit - Windows 7 Ult 7264 64bit
New Win7 KB Shortcuts

Hi Y'all

As with a new OS, comes some very specific keyboard shortcuts that work in Win7. Anybody who has become used to using the keyboard primarily, know that KB shortcuts can speed up your (whatever) immensely. Using KB shortcuts can easily TRIPLE your speed at doing just about everything, and in keeping with an improved OS comes some Improved shortcuts. Here's what's New in W7

Windows+ keys:

* Win+Home - minimize all the non-active background windows, keeping the window you’re using in its current position. Use again to restore.

* Win+Shift+(left or right arrow) - Move windows between one monitor and the other in multi monitor displays. Windows retain relative position

* Win+Up arrow Maximizes focused window - Win+Down arrow minimizes or restores

* Win+1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 - Create new instance of taskbar items up to the 6th item (numbered from start orb)

* Win+Space - Quick view of Desktop (with gadgts visible)

* Win+T - "Walk" thru the taskbar items (live thumbnail views). Use arrow keys to move between, up arrow to focus into a group, arrow left/right to move between the group items, and "Enter" to bring that to focus. Taskbar items with nothing open will do nothing but hitting arrow key again keeps focus moving past it. Hit Esc to exit, or choosing an item also closes this. (I Love this one)

* Win+G - Brings gadgets to the front

* Win+P - Brings up "Projector" options box for those who use their PC for external Projector Displays.

Window Docking: sets window to one half of screen or other for multi window use on single screen

* Win+Left Arrow and Win+Right Arrow dock to that side;

* Win+Shift+Up Arrow maximizes and Win+Shift+Down Arrow restores the vertical size

I hope that any KB users like me out there, find these helpful.
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